Bringing Reliability to Untracked Delivery

UNTRAK is a standout international delivery solution in an area where quality is often sacrificed for cost. For items that don’t need to be tracked, we provide a great value service for worldwide parcel delivery, without compromising on quality. Through our managed linehaul and direct routings, P2P’s professional untracked services oversee your parcels at every stage of delivery.
P2P Delivery Service - UnTrak - Bringing Quality to Untracked Delivery
  • Parcel delivery to over 220 countries and territories
  • License to act as an office of exchange
  • 157,000 sq ft hub in Essex
  • Choice of final mile delivery partners

Uniquely Enhanced Checks

UNTRAK allows you to access highly trusted delivery partners to ensure a transparent, controlled network despatched direct from the UK with uniquely enhanced checks, including cape scan and bag tracking. These layers of checking employed by our professional team throughout our international delivery service is unlike anything numerous other untracked solutions can provide.

Office exchange

Office of exchange

P2P is able to act as an Office of Exchange for multiple locations. This enables us to despatch directly from the UK, as any provider that does not have this status can only ship items from the domestic origin of the Postal Authority. This means that our clients’ parcels can be set on their journey sooner to a wide range of locations worldwide.


Due to our independently managed linehaul and direct routings, UNTRAK provides an untracked parcel delivery service with distinct, traceable touchpoints. Through this approach, we directly control and manage how packages are sent all over the world, meaning improved transit times, proactive management and thorough end-to-end checks.


Operational Process Flow

UNTRAK’s streamlined international delivery service guides your customers’ parcels from here in the UK to their destination. Through our professionally managed linehaul and relationships with final mile delivery partners worldwide, UNTRAK ensures retailers' untracked deliveries are controlled and monitored every step of their journey.

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Best in class delivery partners

Over the years, we’ve formed relationships with multiple trusted delivery partners across the world. With expert knowledge of global locations, we can help you select the right final mile partners for over 220 countries and territories, ensuring your customer is familiar with the courier delivering to them.