What makes P2P the perfect delivery partner to the USA?

What makes P2P the perfect delivery partner to the USA?

The USA contains the largest concentration of e-commerce activity worldwide, and with nearly 16% of all UK exports in 2019 acquired by American consumers, ensuring you have the right partner to help you capitalise on this vibrant market is more critical than ever.

At P2P, we present a range of unique benefits that set us apart in how we can help clients make a strong impression for this prominent audience, be it our status as a FedEx company, our broad range of delivery options into the USA, or our unmatched knowledge of its e-commerce landscape.

So, whether you have been spurred into reevaluating your delivery service into the USA due to the recent increase to their inbound delivery rates, or your company is looking to make a mark in the Home of the Free for the first time, discover why P2P is well-positioned to support retailers across the UK reach their American customers.

A FedEx company

Firstly, a key differentiator between P2P and other delivery partners to the USA is our unique position as a FedEx company. Our company was acquired by FedEx in 2018, and since then our relationship with their organisation has only grown stronger.

In the USA, FedEx has become a standard in both domestic and international delivery. In 2019, approximately 6.2 million packages were delivered via FedEx Express EVERY DAY on average, a number that will only grow in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

FedEx is so deeply ingrained in American culture that the word has entered the dictionary, often as a general expression of sending goods by a courier (even if FedEx isn’t involved).

How does this benefit our clients looking to reach customers in the USA? FedEx’s strong understanding and position in the USA market is virtually unmatched, and this expertise can be of significant value to retailers either looking to make their first strides into the country or to provide a better experience to existing customers.

Beyond that, being a FedEx company means we can expand the delivery options available to our clients in regards to entry points and linehaul capacity. Our ties to the foremost delivery service in the USA ensures you can have access to the most robust, trustworthy and enduring delivery network in the country.

An abundance of choice for deliveries into the USA

As well as the fantastic advantages our TRAKPAK solution presents to our e-commerce companies looking to reach every corner of the globe, be it our reliable tracking system to our streamlined one-label approach, our service to the USA incorporates a number of key components that set us apart from the crowd.

One of these is our ability to offer multiple entry points for your customer orders into the USA. Alongside our ties to FedEx we are also linked to two additional third-party clearance agents. These connections to multiple clearance agents expand our capacity, as these provide multiple outlets to perform the necessary paperwork and processes required to ensure these orders reach their recipients.

Particularly in this current time of uncertainty, these flexible options offer reassurance over the passage of packages into the USA, rather than become dependent on a single entry point.

Our multiple dedicated gateways into the USA improve both service performance and transit times, and mean we are fully capable of supporting both postal entry and commercial entry processes into the USA. The latter of these has become even more relevant following the country’s adoption of self-declared terminal dues.

Through our commercial or direct entry solution, retailers then have the option of:

  • Our standard solution – injecting your parcels into the USPS via FedEx SmartPost
  • Our priority solution – direct delivery to your customers doorstep by FedEx's Ground Home delivery network

By taking a deliberate, consultative approach, we help you determine the best solution based on your specific product, budget, circumstances and customer expectations. Our TRAKPAK solution boxes you into one fixed service – it is flexible to your needs. If you would like us to handle your commodity codes, we offer a service where we do that on your behalf as well.

A final key benefit of our USA delivery solution is our linehaul capacity. With the restriction on air travel in the wake of COVID-19 and the peak period on the horizon, capacity is something e-commerce companies will need to have at the forefront of their thoughts in 2020.

As a FedEx-owned company, at times of high demand and capacity issues, we have the ability to access FedEx’s own extensive linehaul systems to bolster our capacity. This allows us to upscale our solutions depending on your requirements, so you are always reassured about your capacity to reach your American customers during the busiest times of year (even during a global crisis).


Our TRAKPAK Online solution encapsulates all of the above aspects relating to linehaul, clearance, final mile delivery and more into one location for our clients. This means that no decisions have to be made in the retailer warehouse immediately before parcels are mobilised – instead, TRAKPAK Online runs in the background to help operations run smoothly and ensures that retailers provide the best possible service to their customers.

Through TRAKPAK Online, you receive access to the following useful features:

  • A booking wizard that covers label creation, commercial invoice creation and more
  • The ability to immediately amend data flagged for correction
  • A one-click dashboard to review shipping statistics for the previous 7 days
  • Shipment search based on date, destination, consignee and service
  • A data mining tool to report on service, volumes, status, etc., which can then be exported into CSV or XLSX

Unrivalled market knowledge

Finally, what sets P2P apart as the ideal delivery partner to the USA is our far-reaching knowledge of the e-commerce market and consumer behaviours in this highly sought-after market.

Our vast knowledge of e-commerce in the USA enables us to advise and support our clients in determining whether this market is a good fit based on their product range, and what they can do to facilitate the demands and motivators of American consumers in order to attract traffic to their website and provide them with the best possible experience.

For instance, while most of the population speaks English, over 13% of USA residents speak Spanish at home. This might alter what language options you present to this audience both on your website and when sending notifications about their delivery to provide the most satisfying experience with your business.

Similarly, 38% of American online shoppers prefer to pay via credit card, so it’s important to have that option available in your online checkout to make sure the service is familiar to what they would do domestically.

We also offer insight into the prominent concerns that American consumers have that deter them from cross-border shopping, such as:

  • Presuming that returning items would be difficult/expensive
  • Longer delivery times
  • Issues with customer service
  • Not wanting to pay in a foreign currency

Our knowledge of consumer behaviours and their standards for delivery means that we can offer relevant, up-to-date assistance on how you can connect with your audience in the USA, and provide them with the delivery service that will meet and surpass their standards.

Make P2P your delivery partner to the USA

If recent events have compelled you to rethink your current delivery service into the USA, or you are interested in finding a partner to help you harness this prominent market for the first time, we are happy to discuss how TRAKPAK can connect you with your customers.

Get a quote from our team today, or discover more about our export services to the USA.