The Importance of a Contingency Carrier During COVID-19

The Importance of a Contingency Carrier During COVID-19

Why a contingency carrier is so important during this epidemic

Life is certainly not the same as we have known it right now, with the restriction of movement in particular having a dramatic effect on traditional retail businesses. That being said, more and more e-commerce businesses in the UK are seeing demand spiking from customers all over the world. It’s safe to assume that with traditional retail shops all but non-operational, customers are changing the way they shop to satisfy their demand for goods.

In our last article, we gave our top 5 tips to ensure online retailers make the most of this increase in global traffic, if you haven’t already read this you can find it here

In this article, we go into greater detail on how you can increase your efficiency in reaching your global customers in such an unpredictable market.

Can your delivery partner still access your customers all over the world?

With the majority of global commercial flights grounded, finding cargo space is becoming increasingly more challenging. For this reason, it is essential that you have a strong contingency plan in case your existing delivery partner can’t provide the service you need in the current climate.

Finding the right contingent carrier

A contingent carrier essentially acts as a substitute delivery service for online retailers in difficult circumstances, either to assist your existing service or replace it altogether.

Ordinarily, peak season is the most important time to have a contingent carrier at the ready, however the current situation presents an even more essential time to have one at the ready.

Traditionally, quality, reliability and cost of delivery play the key roles in a customer’s relationship with a retailer, however there is a new player in town now, access to products. After years of having whatever we want at the click of a button, or a short visit to the local shops, now more than ever it’s crucial that retailers provide consistently high standards to ensure expectations are met and build customer loyalty.

How P2P, A FedEx Company can help!

Ease of Integration

A key aspect to consider is identifying a contingent carrier that can quickly and easily integrate their processes into your website. In your time of need, speed and efficiency are you best friends. That is something that our team at P2P, A FedEx Company, take pride in being able to offer our clients at short notice, as this fast turnaround and our straightforward APIs minimise delay or disruption of delivery to customers.

Range of Services

It is important to work with a contingent carrier that offers services matching your needs as a retailer and what your customer expects from your usual/previous carrier. We are able to present this wide-ranging flexibility with tracked, untracked and express services, so our clients can present the correct style and standard of international delivery options. Furthermore, by having this level of choice, we are much better equipped to find you a route to your customers. You can see our daily service report here

Extensive Experience

We have extensive experience working with e-commerce companies in the UK, both as a permanent partner and contingent carrier. In fact, many of our long-term partnerships began off the back of our work as a contingency plan when they needed it most. We support our clients at every stage of their growth with flexible, innovative international delivery solutions.

If you find yourself with a demand you can’t currently fulfil, one of our team would be more than happy to talk you through our service options -