Peak planning – is your website fully optimised

Peak planning – is your website fully optimised

As part of our peak planning tips series see what’s next to tick off your check list!

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Website optimisation

Before the peak period begins get all your “to do’s for your website optimisation done! Things to think about to help you increase your conversions, up your average basket value and make it as easy and accessible for your customers during this year’s peak.

Home page – do you ship internationally?

A quick win in ensuring your customers know right away that you ship internationally is to adapt your home page hero/home banner on the first page they land on, also including this kind of messaging in your marketing plans during peak. Coupled with that is displaying your delivery options before checkout, this can encourage shoppers to commit to buying if the delivery options suit their needs, which tends to be a tracked option! You can expect to see a 70% increase in cart value when you include a tracked delivery option and repeat custom.

Language – Have you translated your website?

Understanding the most popular destinations in which you customers purchase from can help you understand weather you need to translate your website. For example, in Japan, which is one of our top lanes, currently 99% of 35-44 year olds only speak Japanese, so it would be worthwhile getting your website translated to increase more online sales during peak.

Payment - What are my payment options?

We are all familiar with UK based payment options like PayPal, Credit card, Visa Debit etc.. But have you investigated what your customers across the globe prefer to use and most importantly trust?

In Russia 69% preferer to pay via credit or debit card, and 67% prefer to pay via an eWallet in China.

Being affiliated to an eWallet / online payment platform that is trusted in country can build trust, increase average cart value and encourage repeat custom. 69% of Chinese shoppers express concerns of having their personal information hacked using their mobile. A popular way to combat this is to partner with a well-established online payment company such as Alipay.

Tenpay and WeChat are also top of the list when it comes to online payment.

Taxes and customs – are my duties included in the basket price?

We hear regularly from businesses new to exporting that they find the prospect of navigating customs and taxes daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. P2P, A FedEx Company, can offer guidance when it comes to these challenges and there is a wealth of information and resource available to support you. Online retailers can also take advantage of additional services such as delivery duties paid. Shoppers like to be clear about costs and our customers often see an up lift in sales when they make it clear on their website that local duties or sales taxes are included in the price quoted, as it eliminates any sense of uncertainty.

If you feel during your peak preparations P2P, a FedEx Company could help support and increase your peak with our analytical tools speak to one of our experts today.