Export to the United States of America
with our help

Thinking of exporting to the USA?

The US is the world’s leader when it comes to cross-border shipping. With a yearly turnover of $595.12 billion and 173.6 million online shoppers, the online e-commerce market is booming.

Due to its mature market and high customer industry standards, shipping to the USA requires clear USP’S to help you differentiate your brand from others. We aim to guide our customers into leading markets and destinations, with our multi-channel distribution solutions and key partnerships we can help you build a strong foundation into e-commerce markets across the globe.


  • Partnered with one of the largest US shipping providers FedEx, it allows us to utilise not only their ground home delivery service but also their downstream access to USPS for final mile delivery
  • Full P2P management for linehaul, clearance and delivery
  • 37 Strategically located hubs nationwide
  • Multiple injection points
  • One delivery attempt made with FedEx SmartPost via UPS
  • Up to three delivery attempts made with FedEx Home Delivery
  • Consumer communications sent via email/SMS on key tracking events
  • 100% coverage of US residential addresses, including services to Alaska and Hawaii


The US has a 65% e-shoppers rate with an internet penetration of 88%, therefore exporting to the USA gives your brand opportunities to explore lucrative markets.

Shoppers in the US mostly shop from UK based sites and the average annual spend per shopper is $3,428, giving UK based brands ample exposure when considering shipping to the USA.

Before you begin exporting to the USA consider popular locations, payments methods and product types to gain the best market position.


Although the majority speak English, 29% of the population speak Spanish, therefore this is something to consider when implementing your website and digital marketing activity.


The most popular products exported to the US are clothing and footwear.


38% of Americans prefer to pay for their online shopping by credit cards.


When considering exporting to the USA and where to promote your products you will find customers on the below social media channels. 25% of US shoppers consult social media before purchasing a product.









If you’re shipping to the US from the UK, it’s worth taking into account 47% of customers would refrain from purchasing because the delivery costs appear to be higher than expected, compared to 50% choosing to buy from sites that offer free delivery.

A common hurdle to conquer when shipping to the USA is to make sure your delivery aim times are made clear as 25% are concerned about when they will receive their parcel.

30% of consumers purchase overseas from the USA due to appealing offers.

At P2P, a FedEx company we aim to help guide our customers by identifying potential growth opportunities into new markets utilising analytics tools. We improve retailer’s growth into these new and existing markets by following simple and easy to implement strategies that we’d encourage any business, with ambitions beyond the borders of the UK, to consider.

Our sales experts will take you through things like: Language, Payment options, Taxes and Customs and Returns policies, to help your business reach consumers and convert online traffic to sales.

We’re there at every stage of your parcels’ journey, from preparations to its destination. Even during the busiest times of the year, our innovative global delivery solutions break down the barriers of international trade and introduce your business to a worldwide audience.


If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your company, get in touch today.