Exporting to Russia
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Considering exporting to Russia? Here’s some key facts about the Russian e-commerce market and how to shape your product offering to new customers overseas with our help.

We aim to guide our customers into leading markets and destinations, with our multi-channel distribution solutions and key partnerships we can help you build a strong foundation into e-commerce markets across the globe.

Russia trade statistics

The Russian e-commerce market saw sales of €28 billion in 2017 and a 63% cross boarded shoppers rate. When exploring new markets consider popular locations, payments methods, and product types to gain the best market position.


More than half of Russian online shoppers are age 25-34 and live, in Moscow (46%) and in St. Petersburg (11%).


Russian consumers are willing to buy from higher-quality European and U.S stores if the prices is right.


68% of Russia's online shoppers use a desktop or laptop.

Find Russian Shoppers On...

More than half of Russian shoppers are aged 25-34 and are found on these social media channels. When exploring shipping to Russia consider selling your products on YouTube and VK, a Russian social media site.








How to export to Russia

If you're shipping to Russia from the UK, It’s worth taking into account 48% of consumers purchase overseas from Russia due to appealing offers.
A common hurdle to conquer when shipping to Russia is to make sure your returns policy is clear, as 30% of shoppers are put off buying due to the fear of difficult and costly returns. With 9 / 10 Russian shoppers wanting to receive progress updates on their deliveries, you’re only as good as your courier company.

P2P can provide flexible delivery solutions into Russia covering 442 cities with a 4 – 12-day delivery aim. If you’re looking to do business in Russia and need a reliable carrier to help navigate into new markets, P2P help online retailers connect to customers across the globe.

  • Over 1 million tracked parcels were delivered to Russia in 2017
  • Delivery to 1,779 Parcel Shops & 1,500 Locker Boxes across 442 cities in Russia
  • Choice of trusted final mile delivery partners
  • Fully-tracked delivery options

We are here at every stage of your parcels’ journey; our innovative global delivery solutions break down the barriers of international trade and introduce your business to a worldwide audience. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your company, get in touch today.

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