Exporting to Japan
with our help

Why Japan?... It’s one of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce markets, with 82.59 million e-commerce users expected to increase by 6.33 million users by 2021 with each spending an average of £1,257.37 per year.

With internet penetration estimated to reach 93.3% by 2021 there is plenty of opportunity to take your piece of the Japanese e-commerce market!

Our Solution in
Japan offers:

  • Provides direct entry solution to Japan with 100% coverage.
  • A fully tracked solution with P2P, A FedEx Company, managed linehaul.
  • Choice of DDU and DDP.
  • End to end delivery aim of 4-7 working days.
  • Delivery 5 days per week Mon-Fri, 3 delivery attempts and calling card left.
  • Undeliverables are held for 7 days for pick up at local branch.


Before you take the leap, look into who your future customers are and their shopping behaviours. Our e-commerce sales experts utilise innovative data collecting systems to analyse markets and link information back to your current product offering.


98% of 35-44 year old's log on daily, 99% of those only speak Japanese so it’s worth considering translating your website.


Fashion and apparel are the most popular items purchased online in Japan and 45% of online shoppers purchase products cross-border due to better availability.


Aside from the Japanese online shopper preferring to pay for their online goods via a credit card, it’s expected that there will be a 54% mobile penetration rate over the next 4 years, so make sure your website if mobile friendly and fully optimised.


Converting online browsing into online sales weigh heavy on being in the right place at the right time. With all the delivery options and convenience in the world you won't impact sales if you don't follow your markets’ online behaviour.

As much as social media platforms are important to be aware of, marketplaces are a great tool to use to help you grow your e-commerce business in Japan. Amazon, Rakuten and Lohaco account for 50% of online sales in Japan.

Here is where Japanese shoppers hang out.








Show the quality of your products?
38% of Japanese online shoppers are motivated to buy cross-border due to the quality of the products. Try to demonstrate the quality of your products on your website by including customer ratings, product reviews and detailed pictures.

Make the experience feel local!
To build trust with Japanese online shoppers make their experiences on your website localised as it builds their trust in your brand and enforces reliability.

Consider your returns policy!
25% of Japanese shoppers are concerned about costly and difficult returns. Make sure your returns policy is clear and meets the shopper’s expectations.

At P2P, A FedEx Company, we help guide our customers by identifying potential growth opportunities into new markets utilising analytics tools. We improve retailer’s growth into these new and existing markets by following simple and easy to implement strategies that we’d encourage any business, with ambitions beyond the borders of the UK, to consider.

Our sales experts will take you through things like: Language, Payment options, Taxes and Customs and Returns policies to help your business reach consumers and convert online traffic to sales.