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With a population of only 8.2 million the prospect of tapping into a relatively small market might not seem worthwhile. However, the lack of domestic e-commerce competitors and high retail prices presents excellent opportunities to expand into new markets and start exporting to Israel from the UK. We aim to guide our customers into leading markets and destinations, with our multi-channel distribution solutions and key partnerships we can help you build a strong foundation into e-commerce markets across the globe.

Israel trade statistics

In 2016 e-commerce revenues in Israel amounted to $3.6 billion and are expected to rise to $4.9 billion in 2020, a compound annual growth rate of 8.3 percent. Considering only one-quarter of Israeli businesses sell online, Shipping from UK to Israel gives you an advantage over in-country e-commerce markets. Before you begin exporting to Israel consider popular locations, payments methods, and product types to gain the best market position.


Seventy-five percent of the Israeli population are Jewish and 21 percent are Muslim. Women are the most regular online shoppers.


The most popular products bought by Israelis range from toys, hobby items and DIY equipment.


86% of Israelis use a desktop computer when shopping online.

Find Israeli Shoppers On...

When considering exporting to Israel and where to promote your products you will find customers on the below social media channels. Israel has two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic. But virtually everyone speaks English therefore there is no need to translate your website or social media advertising.







How to export to Israel

If you’re shipping to Israel from the UK, It’s worth taking into account 21% of customers are concerned about having problems with customers services.

A common hurdle to conquer when shipping to Israel is to make sure your returns policy is clear, as 21% of shoppers are put off buying due to the fear of difficult and costly returns.

59% of consumers purchase overseas from Israel due to receiving a better all-round experience when purchasing items from the UK.

Providing the customer with the WOW factor in delivery, tracking and final mile choices will ensure Israel is ready for your business.

P2P can provide flexible delivery solutions into Israel covering 700 Post Offices, and 320 Parcel Shops with a  2– 6-day delivery aim.

If you’re looking to export to Israel and need a reliable carrier to help navigate into new markets, P2P help online retailers connect to customers across the globe.

  • Almost three thousand tracked parcels were delivered to Israel in 2017
  • We deliver to over 220 countries and territories
  • Choice of trusted final mile delivery partners
  • Fully-tracked delivery options

We’re there at every stage of your parcels’ journey, from preparations to its destination. Even during the busiest times of the year, our innovative global delivery solutions break down the barriers of international trade and introduce your business to a worldwide audience.

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