Sending Parcels to Canada

Canadians are shopping online more than ever before with spending increasing 15% year-on-year and is expected to reach €44 Billion by the end of 2019. 56% of its 35.5 million population shop online spending an average of €1,646. This opens a window of opportunity to grow within the forever expanding Canadian cross border e-commerce market.

Our Solution in
CANADA offers:

  • A complete end-to-end delivery solution from the UK that covers the whole of Canada, partnered with the ONLY company who can reach 16 Million addresses.
  • Delivery to over 6,200 post offices available nationwide with an average delivery time of 4-5 working days.
  • Allows for DDU or DDP options giving you the retailer choice.
  • Our DDP solution reduces clearance times by 2-4 days.
  • Gives you the retailer control on costs when dealing with entry into Canadian Market.
  • Allows for correct Duties to be calculated and recouped on clearance meaning your customers know exactly what charges they are paying.
  • No Bonded Storage Fees applied.
  • A flat fee with no additional charges.

E-commerce in Canada

Before you take the leap, look into who your future customers are and their shopping behaviours. Our e-commerce sales experts utilise innovative data collecting systems to analyse markets and link information back to your current product offering.


Canadian online shoppers tend to be younger, but so called ‘Silver Surfers’ (the older generation) with much more disposable income are becoming accustomed to online shopping widening the e-tailer consumer markets.


43% of products purchased by Canadians are apparel, with other products ranging from DVD’s, video games and beauty.


Desktop purchasing is still a favourite but mobile shopping is rapidly growing up 12% from 2014. Although it still suffers from a low conversion rate. Making sure you provide a positive mobile shopping experience means you will have a better competitive advantage.

Find Canadian Shoppers On...

Converting online browsing into online sales weigh heavy on being in the right place at the right time. With all the delivery options and convenience in the world you won't impact sales if you don't follow your markets online behaviour.

Here is where Canadian shoppers hang out.








Shopping Behaviours

Make an offer!
34% of Canadian consumers purchase their online goods due to finding appealing offers and there being better availability.

Can I return it?
Like other cross border online shoppers it’s important they understand your returns policy and it's easy to access, as 29% of Canadian shoppers are put off buying due to the fear of difficult and costly returns.

What are my options?
To hit the key motivations for the Canadian online shopper follow the three F’s. Free, Fast and Flexible!

At P2P we aim to help guide our customers by identifying potential growth opportunities into new markets utilising analytics tools. We improve retailers growth into these new and existing markets by following simple and easy to implement strategies that we’d encourage any business, with ambitions beyond the borders of the UK, to consider.

Our sales experts will take you through things like : Language, Payment options, Taxes and Customs and Returns policies, to help your business reach consumers and convert online traffic to sales.